Crash Repairs

We will firstly asses the damage of your vehicle and give you an estimate as to the costs fo have it back in perfect condition. Then we will fit new parts when necessary or repair damaged areas if it is a better option to do so. When the repairs are carried out your vehicle will be painted back to factory spec and your vehicle will be back to you as good as new​

Spray Painting

We can paint everything from Full Re-Sprays to Alloy Wheels to commercial vehicle’s to Rally Cars. We recently purchesed a new 2019 Blowtherm top spec Spraybooth and we are kitted out with a high spec compressor with an air dryer and a filtration system to guarantee there is no water or oils in our airlines so there is zero contamination in our work. We have our own paint scheme and a MaxMeyer paint camera for acquiring the perfect match on all colours. We take great pride in all of the work that comes out of our Spraybooth and would be happy to answer any questions so give us a call.​

Panel Beating

If the damage on a vehicle is repairable and does not need new parts we can repair the panel using a range of skills acquired from years of experience. Assessing the damage pushing it back out to its original shapes ,realignment of doors wings bonnets etc and getting it ready to be repainted and back to new.​

Alloy Repairs & Painting

We have a vast experience working on alloys and getting back to brand new. From repairing chips and scrapes to lacquering chipping. We can spray alloys to any colour of a customers choosing, from pearl to matte effect to metallic.​

NCT Preperation

We also carry out a range of body repairs to help you pass your NCT . This regularly consists of repairing sills that have gone rusty with holes appearing. We cut out the dead metal and replace and re-weld to get your vehicle back to original. Holes in the floors and in the arches. All can be repaired to get you through that NCT.